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Consultation services are provided to parents who have questions and/or concerns regarding their child’s development, social/emotional functioning, attention span, academic skills, and/or behavior.

Within the home environment, parents often feel overwhelmed and stressed when their children struggle to adhere to daily expectations including homework completion, chores, and morning/evening routines. Parents find themselves making repeated requests while children do not appear motivated to follow through. Such conflicts cause increased tension and stressful family interactions.

Laurie meets with parents to come up with a plan that includes various strategies for reducing family stress so the goal of creating a peaceful and positive home environment is achieved.

In addition, Laurie consults with educators to address school-based issues in order to help children experience success at school. If a youngster is displaying behavioral difficulties that are negatively impacting upon their academic functioning, Laurie creates specially-designed behavior modification programs that help motivate and encourage the child to display appropriate behaviors. Her extensive experience working in public education settings over the past 16 years has clearly allowed her to see the benefits of behavior plans.

By identifying the areas of concern, including the triggers that cause the behavior, individualized plans are designed that inspire children to achieve their goals. When a child succeeds at school by meeting teacher and parent expectations, their self-esteem increases, and they are more confident with their overall abilities.

In addition to behavioral concerns, individualized plans to address attentional, social, and developmental issues can also be created and implemented within the home and school setting.

If you think you and your child may benefit from consultative services, please contact Laurie at 703.938.5234, Ext 4.